Monday, November 26, 2007

Natural Remedy for Athelete's Foot

Normal, healthy feet will not usually "catch" athlete's foot left in a shower by someone else. Our bodies have "good" bacteria that fight off "bad" bacteria. But, if you use antibacterial soap on your feet, many of the good bacteria are killed, allowing the bad bacteria of athlete's foot left in a shower to take hold on your feet. The more you use antibacterial soap, the more the athlete's foot will worsen. Instead, regular use of plain old soap and water will allow the good bacteria to remain so you never get athlete's foot from someone else - or allow the good bacteria to multiply more and more so they kill the athlete's foot you may have already. (Every time you use an antibacterial soap or cleaner, some of your germs mutate. Eventually, these germs will be mutated so much that the normally efficient antibiotics we have now will not kill them.)

To Cure Athlete's Foot

Tea Tree Essential Oil is very effective "medicine" for skin problems, including bacterial infections and fungus. Put a few drops of tea tree oil on the areas affected by athlete's foot four times a day. Once the problems seems to be all cleared up, continue treatment for another two to four weeks to be sure you've caught it all. You can also use this for treatment for nail fungus.

You can get a spray for easy application of tea tree oil, in several forms. One of these sprays is EO Lavender & Tea Tree FootSpray. The tea tree oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and soothes burning and itching. Lavender is excellent for relief and healing of pain and itch. Or you could use FOOTherapy Foot Lotion .

You can also soak your feet in tea. Fill a large bowl with a quart of boiling water and add six tea bags. After the tea has cooled enough to be comfortably warm, soak your feet for a half hour or an hour. The tannic acid in tea kills some of the fungus and is soothing for painful, itchy feet.

Or, soak the feet in warm salt water for ten minutes until the problem is under control, although this might hurt on cracked skin.
It is also helpful to pour natural apple cider vinegar on infected feet. After allowing the vinegar to dry, rinse the feet with water and dry them thoroughly.

Using baking soda as a powder on your feet and between your toes after you shower and dry your feet and toes thoroughly is helpful. These things should be done every day until the athlete's foot is gone and continued for at least a month afterward.

Acidophilus contains good bacteria. You can eat three servings of acidophilus yogurt (not just any yogurt) each day or taking acidophilus in supplement form. Some available are Acidophilus Tablets, Children's Chewable Acidophilus Tabletschewable acidophilus, Acidophilus Strawberry Liquid, and Children's Acidophilus Powder. Use the yogurt or supplements until the symptoms have been gone for two weeks. But, you can use either continuously as prevention.

After a shower or bath, dry off completely. Then use a hair dryer on low setting to dry your feet, especially between the toes. Any remaining moisture is enough to allow fungus to flourish.

Wash your socks in hot water to be sure the germs on them are killed. Or, you can "cook" your clean socks in the microwave oven for a few minutes.


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