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Healthy Foods List For Arthritis And Back Pain Relief

Arthritis is the inflammation of joints. There are two theories for the cause:
1. Infection
2. Body's own defenses go out of line and attack its own tissues components as if they were invading pathogens.

This illness affects about 60 million people worldwide who are helpless to do anything about it. Arthritis is a part of the genetic code one was born with, like green eyes and birthmarks.
The most severe case of this crippling disease is RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. Although one inherits arthritis, yet there are factors relating to it like fatigue, shock, injury, and exposure to cold and dampness.

I have begun to explore the possibilities of food medicine which had improved the quality of life and markedly decreased the the daily arthritic pain of many people. I am not saying I have found a cure for arthritis, because there is no cure. I want to share them with you here, in the hopes that they can benefit someone else who may be fighting the same battle.

* Parsley :
A poultice of bruised leaves gives relief in cases of neuralgia and rheumatism.

* Cayenne Pepper :
In herbal treatment today, Capsicum is used for rheumatism, and arthritis. Capsicum and its active ingredients are used extensively in many pharmaceutical preparations.The capsaicin in cayenne blocks a chemical involved in the nerve transmission of pain. Cayenne is also rich in salicylates, natural aspirin like compounds. Massage a balm containing cayenne into your temples for headaches, or take encapsulated cayenne. Capsaicin, an extract from cayenne and other peppers, can dramatically reduce chronic nerve pain. Studies have proven its usefulness for arthritis, shingles, trigeminal neuralgia, and diabetic neuropathy. It appears to act by decreasing the concentration of substance P, the primary chemical used by nerve cells to transmit pain signals. This effect can require several weeks of regular use.

* Fennel :
An infusion of 1 OZ. of the dried leaves to 1 pint of boiling water is taken in wine glassful doses, frequently repeated. It has also been recommended as an external application for dissolving glandular swellings. Oil of fennel relieves muscular or rheumatic pains.

* Hops :
As an external remedy, an infusion of Hops is much in demand in combination with chamomile flowers or poppy heads as a fomentation for swelling of a painful nature, inflammation, neuralgic and rheumatic pains, bruises, boils and gatherings. It removes pain and allays inflammation in a very short time.

* Ginseng , Siberian :
For treating rheumatoid arthritis and making muscles and bones strong.

* Lavender :
A fomentation of lavender as external application relieves stiffness of the joints. Oil of lavender is sometimes effective in bringing back circulation to feet that have lost feeling.

* Pineapple :
Research demonstrates bromelin helps the body eliminate substances related to arthritis and triggers the release of a prostaglandin that tamps down inflammation. Some question remains about bromelin's absorption from the gut, and to many herbal authorities the value may be over hyped. Nature gave us many similar proteolytic enzymes, (like Ginger), that are more highly concentrated in the edible parts of the plants.

* Barberry, Common :
Both Chinese gold thread (native to the mountains of Szechwan province in China) and the barberry known in Europe and North America are rich natural sources of berberine. Berberine is bright yellow and somewhat bitter, and has long been used in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects.Compounds in these plants inhibit the COX-2 enzyme. Berberine-containing herbs thus offer significant medical benefits across the spectrum of diseases.

* Celery :
It is recommended to eat the cultivated fresh root as well as taking the oil or fluid extract. Celery is said to be very good for rheumatism, when it is often combined with Coca, Damiana, etc. Dose: fluid extract, 3 to 7 drops every four hours.

* Black Pepper :
Black pepper has been used in vertigo, paralytic and arthritic disorders.

* Ginger :
Ginger root has traditionally been used in India to treat arthritis. Components of ginger such as gingerol can inhibit the production of prostaglandins possibly more effectively that the arthritis drug Indomethacin.To ease arthritis pain, drink a cup of ginger tea daily, brewed with one half to one teaspoon of fresh ground root. Available at most grocery stores, choose roots that have smooth skins, and freeze sliced ginger to keep fresh.

* Licorice :
It acts much like your body's own natural corticosteroids, the most potent anti-inflammatory substance. Licorice decreases generation of damaging molecules called free radicals at the site of inflammation and it inhibits an enzyme that's involved in the inflammatory process.

* Evening Primrose :
The seed from this plant contains the essential fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid ( GLA), which as an effect on inflammation. For this reason, the seed oil may significantly help arthritis pain, especially in cases of rheumatoid arthritis.

* Borage :
Like evening primrose and black current seeds, borage seeds are another source of gammalinolenic acid (GLA), the omega-6 fatty acid that the body uses to make an inflammation fighting, autoimmune-boosting prostaglandin. * Flax The linoleic acid found in flax seed oil may also be beneficial for arthritis because it alters how the body breaks down prostaglandins, chemicals involved in inflammation.

* Turmeric :
The curcumin and curcuminoids in turmeric are first-rate arthritis-alleviating anti-inflammatory agents,These phytochemicals fight inflammation much like COX-2 inhibitors. They inhibits the production of prostaglandins. Turmeric can be taken in food, or applied topically to the joint as a poultice to relieve pain.

* Rosemary :
Apply a compress of Rosemary to relieve sore muscles, stiff joints, and rheumatic pains.

* Peach :
Leaves are boiled in water and the extract is applied locally.

* Olives :
Bruised leaves are put on the inside leg a little over the ankle.

* cress
Its juice is mixed with water and taken orally 1-3 times daily.

* Ivy :
Leaves are boiled with water and the resultant extract is taken orally,1-2 cups daily. 1-2 g of leaves for 1 cup water.

* Wheat Grass :
15 g of completely dried roots are boiled with 1/2 Liter of water for 10minutes. The extract is cooled, filtered and taken up to 4 cups daily.

* Colocynth :
If it is rubbed on the FEET, it relieves pain in the back, in the legs and in joint. It is one of the most effective remedies.

Some compounded foods :
There are also some tried blends of different foods that have been found to produce good results in relieving arthritis pain. If you find it greasy or of unpalatable appearance, you can mix it with any regular cream so that it is better dispensed. Unless directed to make a paste , you can use water extract of the plant.

# Crushed Linseed or Linseed oil + Vinegar:
To be applied locally.

# Lupin beans + Vinegar + Honey :
They are heated together and the resultant mixture is applied locally,it is helpful in relieving articular pain, Sciatica and Gout pain.

# Blackberries leaves + Figs :
To be heated together in water and the resultant extract is taken orally.

# Sugar apple + Barley extract :
Sugar apple is heated with Barley extract ( the water left after boiling Barley in it), and the resultant extract is applied locally.

# Thyme + Honey :
If powdered Thyme leaves or Thyme oil or extract is mixed with Honey it relieves arthritis pain almost immediately.

# Nigella + Honey :
Nigella oil is mixed with Honey and taken orally. The amounts are approximated to your convenience.

# Coriander oil + Almond oil + oil of Violet :
Mixed together and applied locally.

# Olive oil + Bran + Vinegar :
All are heated together and applied to the joints, then cover with wool cloth.

# Cabbage leaves + Barley mill (flower) :
Cabbage leaves are pasted with Barley mill, applied to the joints, then cover with wool cloth.

# Cabbage leaves + Garlic :
They are pasted together and applied to the affected joints. You can correct the odor using some aromatic oils of those mentioned above.

# Cucumber + Fenugreek + Vinegar + Garlic + Olive oil :
Fenugreek is boiled in water to be softened, Cucumber is peeled, and equal amounts of Cucumber, Fenugreek, and Vinegar are put in some Olive oil and heated after adding some garlic clove or oil and table salt, stirr until you get an ointment that is locally applied to the affected joints and covered with wool cloth ( you may leave it for the whole night).

# Figs + Pine nut + Safflower oil :
Mix using heat and apply locally.

# Caraway oil + Olive oil :
Caraway oil or the water extract of the seeds is added to double its amount of Olive oil and applied to the affected joint.

# Coriander + Henna + Barley mill + Vinegar :
The oil of Coriander or its water extract is mixed with the other ingredients and made into paste that is applied locally.

# Cartilage of Lamb + Saffron :
Cartilage of Lamb legs is mixed with Saffron and applied into the affected joints ( Glucosamine?).

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