Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just Stay Away From All Inclusive Holidays

This is the time that everybody expected for the entire year. Take a few days off, forget about work, about the city and problems and just go and relax in a heavenly location for entertainment along with eating and drinking.

You should be careful though and avoid all inclusive holidays if you don’t want to gain back in just 1 week every pound you worked at the gym to get it off.

It’s impossible to stay away of the delicious dishes and services the hotels lure you with:

* unlimited meals and snacks including breakfast, lunch and dinner
* unlimited beverages including premium alcohol, juices and soft drinks
* full 24 hour room service.

It’s a fact the people who come back from this kind of a holiday also bring back an extra of 5-10 pounds, no matter if you regularly tend to overeat or not.

To avoid this situation you should choose the services only with breakfast included and don’t forget to do plenty of exercises. 30 minutes of walking after each meal should be enough to maintain your weight.

What should you eat in your holiday?

The meals should not be very different from your usual meals, but if you want to try something new, focus on:

* seafood
* salads
* everything else grilled, steamed or boiled.

If this is not helping you and you still cannot stay away of the “bad” food, you should at least visit the hotel’s pool or gym as much as you can to balance your calorie intake.