Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mesothelioma Lawyers/Attorneys and Legal Information

Some websites to help you out with mesothelioma lawyers/Attorney and legar information:

* EPA - Asbestos Information - Information about health risks, safety information and regulatory issues, from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

* Baron & Budd, P.C. - Texas law firm representing people whose lives and health have been damaged by toxic substances.
* Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, P.C. - Alabama lawyers providing information regarding asbestos and mesothelioma.
* Bill T. Walker and Neil J. Maune - Introduction to asbestos-related illness, from Illinois attorneys.
* Brayton Purcell Law Office - Resources for asbestos victims from a law firm based in Novato, California.
* Breath Taken: The Landscape & Biography of Asbestos - Articles about products containing asbestos and their link to asbestos-related diseases and litigation, from early 1900's to present.
* British Asbestos Newsletter - Newsletter focused on health and litigation issues relating to asbestos in the United Kingdom.
* Danziger & De Llano, P.C. - Houston law firm site discussing asbestos disease.
* David Shaw Law Office - Information from Connecticut attorney, about mesothelioma, treatment centers, clinical trials, asbestos and legal representation.
* Delaney & Granich - Law firm, based in Albany, New York, offering medical and legal information for victims of asbestos-related diseases.
* Early, Ludwick, Sweeney, Strauss - New Haven firm, offering information and representation for asbestos-related disease, including asbestosis and mesothelioma.
* Environmental Information Association - Information about building materials containing asbestos and legislation regarding asbestos, from organization in Bethesda, MD.
* Field Fisher Waterhouse - Legal information about and representation for asbestos disease claimants in Britain.
* Goldberg, Persky, Jennings, White and Hostler - West Virginia firm emphasizing asbestos and other personal injury matters.
* Higgins Solicitors - UK Solicitors handling asbestosis claims and related conditions.
* Hissey, Kientz & Herron - Information about asbestos and silica exposure, from a Houston, Texas law firm.
* Jonathan David, P.C. - Information about mesothelioma treatments, clinical trials, specialists, and asbestos disease, provided by a Houston, Texas law firm.
* Kazan, McClain, Edises, Abrams, Fernandez, Lyons & Farrise, PLC - About mesothelioma diagnosis, treatment options, asbestos exposure, and legal representation, from a California law firm.
* Law Offices of Patrick K.B. Tracy - Mesothelioma information from a Boston law firm.
* Law Offices of Shepard A. Hoffman - Information from a Baltimore attorney, about mesothelioma, its causes and treatments, medical specialists and legal advice.
* Martin & Jones - Law firm in North Carolina and Georgia offers information about asbestos litigation and mesothelioma.
* Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, Inc. - A non-profit organization, devoted to eradicating mesothelioma as a life-ending disease.
* Mesothelioma Attorney Advice Center - Site, "not authored by or sponsored by attorneys" provides mesothelioma information and links to "a list of accredited mesothelioma attorneys."
* Mesothelioma Information and Resource Group - Organization, formed by the Boston law firm of Coady and Associates, offering information about asbestos-related injuries.
* Mesothelioma Research Foundation of America - Researching mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases; includes information about legal issues.
* Motley Rice LLC - US attorneys group describes the asbestos-related disease malignant mesothelioma, and the legal rights of patients and exposure victims.
* Murray Law Firm - Information on asbestos-related disease, from a law firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana.
* Oklahoma State University - Asbestos Awareness - Information for employees that work in buildings that contain asbestos.
* Parker Dumler & Kiely LLP - Baltimore attorneys representing clients in cases involving asbestos, asbestos cancer and mesothelioma.
* Paul, Hanley & Harley LLP - Berkeley attorney site with health and legal information about malignant mesothelioma and asbestos diseases.
* Roberts Law Office - Attorney in Houston, Texas, providing information concerning health risks and legal rights associated with asbestos and silicosis.
* Roger Worthington, PC - Extensive survey of medical and legal options for people with mesothelioma, from Dallas, TX attorney.
* Rowley Ashworth solicitors - UK solicitors providing information about asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.
* Smoger Law Firm - Information about asbestos, mesothelioma and cancer, from Dallas, Texas attorneys.
* Thomas J. Lamb, PA - North Carolina attorney offering information on asbestos-related disease.
* The White Lung Association - News about asbestos including legal issues, international meetings and political opinions.

* Cheney's Firm Backed Bill To Limit Asbestos Liability - Article discusses efforts of Halliburton to change federal law to reduce asbestos liability. (August 4, 2000)
* Amchem Products, Inc. v. Windsor - U.S. Supreme Court's 1997 opinion on validity of class-action asbestos litigation. (June 25, 1997)


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